Hi and welcome! I'm Denyse, the Proprietor and "Re-Designer" of Truly Scrumptious. I specialize in Romantic Re-designs; unwanted items repurposed into beautiful things that can be treasured once again. I truly believe in what I do. Recycling tired items not only reduces the amount of waste going into our landfills, it affords consumers the opportunity to purchase quality items at a reasonable price. Yes, you could purchase a dresser new but it will most likely be made of particle board, won't stand up to regular use and certainly will have no value later.

I start with quality pieces and from beginning to end they receive meticulously detailed attention. I use ONLY the highest grade paints and beeswax. My paints have zero VOC's and are an absolute MUST for vintage furniture since latex does NOT adhere to antique finishes long term. I paint my pieces COMPLETELY BY HAND paying close attention to edges and I sand in between coats for a smooth surface. I use Lemon or Almond Oil on the interiors all drawers and exposed wood to rehydrate and refresh the wood. Finally, I finish by hand rubbing beeswax over the entire piece. All that love and attention ensures that each of my "ReDesigns" will last for generations as treasured family heirlooms.

Thank you for visiting Truly Scrumptious ! Please don't be shy - I LOVE to talk about design and furniture - so feel free to leave a comment or even email me!

Denyse Dar, Proprietor & ReDesigner
Truly Scrumptious
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