I do custom furniture refinishing and painting! Don't buy new - I can match your existing furniture to the colors & finishes in your home. Your furniture will be more durable than anything you could buy "new". AND it's better for the environment for you to let me "redesign" what you already have. Best of all, I use paint that has virtually no VCO's so there's no problem if you have allergies or asthma.
All prices include cleaning, minor repairs, sanding, priming, 2 coats of paint and a hand-waxed finish.
All prices are "estimates." Final price will be given upon inspection of your piece.  Feel free to email me a photo for a more accurate price quote.

CHAIRS ... $75 -$150
END TABLES / NIGHTSTANDS .... $75 - $125
SMALL CABINETS $100 - $150
DRESSERS....  $150 - $300
SERVERS / SIDEBOARDS .... $ 350 - $500

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