Hand painted Armoire

Beautiful Bombe Chest finished in antique lace with hand painted design

Vintage English Huntboard that was horribly neglected and brought back to life!

I can't resist toile.

Victorian Dining Table with V-base

 This was clearly a 1960's reproduction of an antique washstand. It was hideous when I found it in a local shop. The shopkeeper later commented to me that she wouldn't have known it was the same washstand! Refinishing/refurbishing literally transforms things.

 The first and only bed tea tray I've ever come across

 Such an unusual kidney shaped desk!

Refinished chair

 Though not yet finished, this hand painted piece has french flair!

I had a really hard time parting with this. Serpentine dressers with the mirrors original and in tact are RARE finds in these parts.

My husband dragged this one home.

 A vintage wicker screen I found

My VERY first piece..the thing that started it all!

An AMAZING antique wicker chair. Refinished with Rachel Ashwell Cabana fabric. 

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